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Temporary employee

[Haneda Airport international airline, domestic airline] [merchandise management, supplement duties] [under foreigner achievement!]

  • Inexperienced ok
  • Transportation expenses supply
  • More than hourly wage 1,000 yen

Merchandise management, packing, inspection, delivery duties in warehouses of airport! Man and woman is playing an active part together!

Job offer number: 000222

Type of employment Temporary employee
The type of job Cleaning, light work

There is hourly wage 1,100 yen ~ raise in salary!

Work contents

We have you perform work in international airline, domestic airline of Haneda Airport.

● Picking duties and delivery such as cakes,
● It is simple duties such as merchandise management, inspection.
● Work to supplement store with tax-free articles such as cigarette and liquor, cake
● As may be called out by visitor; as the staff of Haneda Airport with smile please cope.

Work location

Hanedakuukou, Ota-ku, Tokyo


Haneda Airport international airline, a 2-minute walk from domestic airline


Between from 7:00 to 19:00 shift system (for actual work seven hours break one hour)
※At first, until 9:00 ~ - 17:00!


By shift
● More than nine days a month
● Paid vacation


■ Japanese daily life conversation level!
■ The man and woman staff that 20-50 generations are wide together is playing an active part!
■ Person who works in long term!
■ It is ... person who can appear five times a week!

※Educational background no object, inexperienced person welcome, foreign family register are person serious consideration during achievement, too!

Service, welfare program

■ There is employee appointment system
■ Equipped with social insurance
■ Uniform loan
■ It depends on raise in salary (once a year) assessment
■ It depends on bonus (July December) assessment
■ Transportation expenses supply

Japanese level Intermediate level (daily life conversation)
Language to be able to make use of

Chinese, English, Korean

Selection process

✪Application (inquiry) ⇒ paper screening ⇒ interview ⇒ adoption
 Charge: Goodman service plum (re-)
 Telephone: 03-5207-2963✈QQ: 3516768926
Email: li ★goodman-s .com (we change ★ to @!)

Offer background

For duties expansion

Business outline

Storage of product to sell at Tokyo International Airport and delivery

★President is gentle! It is OK if he/she tries hard as president is gentle person!
★We make use of linguistic ability! Opportunities to use one's linguistic ability as it is sometimes called out by overseas visitor increase!
★There is no overtime work in five days a week! We take a break by operation at ① time for seven hours a day! There is not overtime work! Let's work properly!


On the telephone

※You can use from carrying, PHP

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