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[pro-Ginza beauty clinic / Chinese] Under work, Chinese woman achievement of pro-regular staff, beauty clinic who can do it!

  • Inexperienced ok
  • Working visa support
  • Transportation expenses supply
  • Weekends holiday
  • More than hourly wage 1,000 yen

Work at beautiful clinic! Inexperienced warm welcome!

Job offer number: 000434

Type of employment Full-time
The type of job Medical system

190,000 yen ... (base salary 160, 000+30, a lot of 000 yen allowance) 
Term of trial three months / hourly wage 1,000 yen
★In the case of foreign service separately with medical treatment (at least 2~3 ten thousand Japanese yen)
※There are experienced person allowance, raise in salary system

Work contents

・Reception desk, telephone correspondence, guidance of surgical operation, measures, other backyards duties
・Document rearranging
・To visitor preparations for advice and apparatus about beauty,
 Please assist nurse.
・In the case of foreign service (interpreter)

Work location

Around Tokyo Ginza Station


Ginza head office / Ginza Station 3-minute walk


[from Monday to Friday]
From 11:00 to 14:00 / from 15:00 to 20:00
From 11:00 to 18:00


[a five-day working week]
Sunday + weekdays daily / holiday 


・Person who has interest in pro-beauty clinic
・There is service mind, and smile welcomes wonderful person
・One warm welcome who can speak Chinese

Service, welfare program

■Equipped with social insurance (excluded for three months in term of trial)
■To kohikiteikyutsuki 20,000
■Raise in salary promotion: Once a year
■Employee discount
■Uniform loan
■Bonus existence (for four months twice a year for base salary two months in total)
■Training system
■Overseas allowance

Support of the working visa acquisition, update Available
Japanese level Intermediate level (daily life conversation)
Language to be able to make use of

Chinese and Japanese

Selection process

GOODMAN CO.,LTD. service
03-5207-2963 (only on weekdays) 
We are accepting inquiry in time of from 9:30 to 18:00 on weekdays. 
Charge: Otani (otani)
Application method:
Inquiry, confirmation → Resume sending with photograph → Interview → Entering a company
Attendance at school, one in office are nyushokunichisodanka!

Offer background

We run three places in Japan, foreign countries three places at pro-beauty clinic.
For overseas branch, we increase the staff.

We raise one who can speak Japanese and Chinese this time.
Warm welcome which person of naturalization, Chinese, both Japanese can talk about as visitor from foreign countries comes!
In the case of the foreign family register, there is working visa application.
There are Ginza duty, overseas visit in basics.
In the case of overseas visit, it is from three months to one year during period.
★(in the case of foreign service, dormitory charge and round-trip airline ticket bear company)★
"We brighten partner"
For such a support

From surgical operation to value encounter with patient above all, and to be able to receive in peace
... which has you think that it was good to come for our clinic
It is strong wish and faith for our beauty medical care.

Vision ... to ... future
We want to enjoy thing becoming beautiful "together"

We advance more for the future to have you feel happiness of "the beauty" toward the lot more.
All the staff always continues oneself polishing, and they will make that they wear the highest technique and the best service creed.


On the telephone

※You can use from carrying, PHS

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