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[high income / construction company demolition work, week payment OK, foreign warm welcome]

  • Inexperienced ok
  • More than hourly wage 1,000 yen

♚[degree desired of popularity]★★★★★
♚[atmosphere in the company]★★★★
♚[welfare program degree]★★★★★
♚[foreign achievement degree]★★★★★
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
<this work is waiting for such one>
◇ One to keep time, and to be reliable in tsutometai
◇ Person who can work on work forward in any environment
◇ Person who wants to earn one cup for family, child
◇ Person who is stable as regular staff, and wants to work in the long term
◇ Multi-national person plays an active part. (Australia, Peru, Nigeria, China)

Job offer number: 000869

Type of employment Full-time
The type of job Cleaning, light work

[day-wage plan] More than 11,000 yen ~13, 500 yen!
[raise in salary] At any time
[bonus] Twice a year

<monthly income example> 13,500*24 day = 324,000 yen
※ It is received raise of service years, person perseverance order at any time.
※ Term of trial three months existence (if is inexperienced, 11,000 yen starts), trial period later more than 12,000 yen
※ It becomes than person 13,500 having heavy industrial machine qualification.

Work contents

<dismantling construction of the construction business>
For rebuilding and sale of land,
It is work to use heavy industrial machine work together with manual labor, and to disturb wooden house which became old or apartment of steel reinforced concrete construction!


Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa (by the spot)
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
※ We move by car by place (Niiza-shi) meeting.
※ Place: It is ten minutes by bus from Seibu Ikebukuro Line Hibarigaoka Station!


[Monday ~ Saturday] 8:00~17:00 (break one hour / morning 10:30~ afternoon 15:00~ short recess existence)
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
※ We gather in place at 7:00 and move by car to the spot.
※ Closing time sometimes varies according to the spots.


◆ Sundays and holidays
◆ The summer (6-7 days)
◆ The year-end and New Year holidays (5th)


<necessary condition>
■ Japanese one [N3 degree] that goes to some extent
■ Person who has Japanese nationality, right of permanent residence, the domiciliation right, spouse visa!
■ Person who works in the long term
■ One [first serious consideration] with motivation
■ One to keep time, and to be reliable in tsutometai
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
※ Person who wants to earn one cup for family accepts.
※ One with experience is welcome in the construction business!

Service, welfare program

■ Raise in salary is occasional
■ Bonus twice a year ※We provide according to achievements, service years!
■ Equipped with social insurance
■ Uniform loan
■ Car commuting is possible   
■ Motorcycle commuting is possible 
■ Equipped with parking lot
■ Training system
■ Evaluation system
■ Equipped with company dormitory (1R)
■ Prior rest report desired is possible

Japanese level Beginner level (katakoto)
Japanese level (in detail)

Japanese one that goes to some extent

Language to be able to make use of


Selection process

✪Visit to application (inquiry) ⇒ paper screening ⇒ interview ⇒ spot ⇒ adoption
== = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
 Charge: Goodman service plum (re-)
 Telephone: 03-5207-2963✈QQ: 3516768926
Email: li ★goodman-s .com (we change ★ to @!)

Offer background

"There is motivation unusually! ""Want to continue for a long time! ""Want to do new work! "One
A lot of introductions from customer are stable in the work load, too. We want to be full of something! We look forward to one having the spirit of self-advancement called this.

Business outline

◎ One set of public work
◎ One set of building works
◎ Dismantling construction
◎ Creation construction
◎ Construction construction
◎ Outward appearance construction
◎ Paving work heavy industrial machine, vehicle lease
◎ Purchase ・ of reproduction aggregate high quality soil construction heavy industrial machine
◎ Sale iron of material for sale architecture,
◎ Nonferrous metal scrap buying and selling

Company Overview

[founding] December 18, 1984
[capital] 50 million yen
[the employee total number] 36 people

★It is very few high salary! In the case of duty, we can earn around 330,000 by 13,500 yen for the daily wages for six days a week.
★Person who wants to make money for child, family accepts hope! As we let you work to be able to make money on Sunday if the person is hope, there are plenty of work.
★Subscription for large quantities! We perform active adoption of ten people! All people who entered newly have the same start.


On the telephone

※You can use from carrying, PHS

We apply in WEB

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