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How to open a Bank account

We can establish bank account in financial institutions such as bank, post office.
When foreigner establishes bank account in Japan, as for the necessary thing, following; is a success.

Yutyo Bank

  • 1 Identity Verification documents.
  • 2 residence cards (elien card) or passport
  • 3 Cash for receipt of money

※In the case of Japan Post Bank, we can establish account by signature without seal.

Establishment of ordinary bank account

  • 1 Identity Verification documents.
  • Certificate of alien registration (alien registration original slip items mentioned certificate), residence card, driver's license, health insurance card, passport in expiration date, special permanent resident certificate

  • 2 Thing which can prove present address
  • Cell-phone with address mention, the original (copy impossibility) of receipt and bill of water supply, gas, electric bill

  • 3 seals (there is place where only signature is enough for by bank)
  • 4 Phone number (as there is bank where phone number that we can contact depending on ※ bank is necessary, please be careful.) that you can inform of
  • 5 Cash for receipt of money

We may not establish account by duration of stay in Japan.
But we recommend that we give application to plural banks when we establish account in the same bank because standard may delicately vary according to stores.
In addition, possibility that we can establish bank account is finished when we propose at home, school, branch near the office.

Contract method of cell-phone

SoftBank shop, au shop, docomo shop are Internet sale site and direct marketing shop, store and household appliances general merchandising stores (Yodobashi Camera, BIC CAMERA, YAMADA DENKI) of each mobile phone carrier. Which Japanese cannot talk about too much as there is shop where there is staff who can talk about foreign language is available in peace.

When foreigner contracts cell-phone in Japan, the following documents are necessary for necessary thing.

  • 1 Identity Verification documents.
  • 2 Including certificate of alien registration in expiration date or residence card + passport or special permanent resident certificate, health insurance card, driver's license (※ residence status cannot apply for "short stay" to one of "there is no qualification".)
  • 3 bank cards or bank book (in the case of ※ fund transfer)
  • 4 seals
  • 5 credit cards (person who does not use fund transfer)
  • 6 The purchase price for cellular phones (in the case of ※ payment in installments, it is requested in the next month.)
  • 7 contract office work fees (requested in conjunction with charge in this month of ※ contract month or next month.)

About house

In the case of short stay

Weekly mansion monthly apartment

We say short-term apartment where we can enter in one week, around one month basically. Firstly, in the apartment of general lease, 2 needs deposit, key money, brokerage fee by contract, but can usually control front-end payments in case of entering considerably low because fees are not necessary if it is weekly mansion monthly apartment.

As kitchen, restroom, bus, life household appliances, life equipment, the Internet (LAN) are provided, we can start comfortable life until stay only with necessary baggage for long term from short term.

In addition, troublesome procedure of lifelines such as water supply, gas, electricity is unnecessary as water supply, energy bill is often included in rent.

Guest house

It becomes the simple accommodations to be able to stay at relatively cheaply for long term for foreign tourist, backpackers. There is dormitory (sharing a room), and it features to use facilities such as kitchen and living, bath or restroom jointly. There are many places of rental whether service such as hotel and inn purchases amenity such as crying toothbrush set, washcloth, shaver, bath towel. There is not offer of meal, and there is place where we can cook our own meals basically in facilities with eating out or kitchen.

And and "make dishes" "drinks liquor" as can interchange with other tourists regardless of nationality at public places such as living "sees the sights", and can enjoy with person of various nationality; is provided equipment.

We call the simple accommodations which hotel guest (stayer) and tourist from foreign countries use for a short term within three months mainly with guest house.

Share house type guest house (share house)

We call leasehold property of long-term stay type share house. As for the basics, deposit, key money, intermediation, fee becomes only rent, fee for common service free. Room is divided into dormitory of private room type to use alone and sharing a room type to use in two or more. Joint ownership space includes kitchen shower room restroom lounges (living room) basically. There is share house where theater room or fitness studio with large screen not to be able to readily reach by joint ownership PC and normal single life in lounge are prepared.

As for a lot of users of foreign family register, international exchange is possible at public places such as living in the same way as guest house; is provided equipment. In addition, place to be able to live in at reasonable price as front-end payments and monthly expense are held down in comparison with normal rented apartment is one of the big charm.

In the case of long-term stay

General rental houses and apartments

There is apartment apartment, single-family house and takes deposit, key money, brokerage fee, renewal other than rent. Guarantor has procedures such as need, and it is term of a contract more than at least one year.

House which public groups run

As public housings of UR city mechanism, prefecture and city are houses which country, prefecture, city which there is runs, rent does not relatively suffer from key money, brokerage fee, renewal for layout cheaply. It is attractive one there is from 1K type to family type, and to have many variations. Foreigner is available, too, but let's warn as there is standard to make a contract of UR leasehold property.