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Can all the foreigners work in Japan?

It becomes condition to have residence status which can set to work so that foreigner works in Japan. We can confirm this residence status by passport and residence card.

◯ Residence status which can act regardless of the type of job and type of industry

Japanese spouse, permanent resident, spouse of permanent resident, permanent resident

Person having the qualification mentioned above can set to work by any occupation.

※Specifically, please confirm the following WEB site. html

Does even foreign student work?

We can work if we acquire "activity authorization out of the qualification".

What is activity permission out of the qualification?

It is necessary to acquire "activity authorization out of the qualification" beforehand at Immigration Bureau of the jurisdiction of place of residence.
When application method of activity authorization out of the qualification goes to Immigration Bureau with the following applications, issuance is possible.
※In many cases, we apply in substitution and can file for the school side.

◯ Application documents

  • 1.Residence card, certificate of alien registration
  • 2.Student identification card
  • 3.Activity permission application out of the qualification
  • 4.Passport

What are part-time job working restrictions of foreign student?

About working time, principle is obliged to carry out limit within 28 hours in one week. It is detected for less than eight hours in 1st during summer vacation, winter vacation, spring vacation.

What particular job description offers?

We cannot work at mahjong shop, pachinko parlor, snack corresponding to sex trade shop and business of offering food and entertainment.
※We do not have job offer of part-time job of the contents mentioned above in this site at all.

Does it cost any fee?

It does not cost enrolment fee.

The process of registration method.

You have WEB resume transmit, or please call 0120-18-4121.