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H, M (23)
From china, working at Beauty interpreter

Why did you intend to come to Japan, and to work?

We entered university in just 2,008 age, but Japanese GDP was the third place in the world and chose Japanese specialty as employment at that time if it was possible for Japanese as we thought that we were not in trouble. After graduation from university, we did work of interpreter in China for two years. Work was worthwhile, but we felt and thought that oneself had Japan when we visited Japan in trip to come to Japan decisively so that the feeling was unforgettable, and to work.

Why is it that we intended to use Nippon Shigoto?

Interview photograph

We had you teach friend this service. We were looking for work to be able to make use of language study in vaguely, but there was not readily thing which was correct in my condition when it was other places. But we decided the use as job offer that had you introduce here was thing which could keep one's skill alive.
Foreign student of the circumference is not only good at Japanese, and there are many working people whom it is possible for, but even anyone is satisfied very much without being able to use such a thing, besides, to have skill as we had work to be able to keep skill alive introduce.

We used Nippon work, and how about?

Follow is utmost; was extremely saved. When it was other places, there were many previous places, but we had you mind after employment was decided and were saved when work was decided.
We had you do simulated interview before interview several times and were able to have an interview without being tense at the time of interview thanks to it too much. It was good to have been able to feel free to consult in native language in foreign country as there were many uneasy things.

You had an interview in us and went together, you had you had an interview and go together, and have you been saved?

As he/she was in the neighbor at the time of interview in the case of me, we were very stouthearted. When there is friend, it is feeling. I was person who gets lonely easily, but sales people went together, and uneasiness was considerably canceled as we took communication casually and were able to do it.

How was correspondence of sales representative?

When it was hard to be formal and was correspondence like so-called businessman, I posed, but was easy to talk even about anything as charge was more frank in total and contacted with such me.

We work and think for around two months, how is work now?

I work as salespersons such as cosmetics, but am very fun. We think whether it is reason why what one's language study skill can keep alive as a lot of visitors from foreign countries come is fun.

Thank you for today