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Our five merits

1 enrolment fee, introducing patients are free! With the reason!

Because company gives fees for introducing patients to when registrant was able to actually find a job, enrolment fee, fees for introducing patients are free!

2 Hospitable follow-up system

After the registration, we do it let alone resume, how to write curriculum vitae, advice of interview!
Besides, company to interview respond even after beginning work! Please feel free to contact if you have been in trouble.

Nippon Shigoto counselor's office

3 For foreign jobs and the visa specification,updates and application updates and application

We prepare a lot of job offers applying for visa.
Please consult about one that acquires visa, and wants to work in Japan once. We introduce job offer applying for.

4 rich correspondence language!

There is a staff who can speak English, Chinese and Tagalog! Consultation in native language is possible, too!

5 We get bonus when we participate in campaigns!

Person who did friend introduction and person whom work was actually decided on get money of celebration.

Friend introduction campaign

About entering a company congratulatory gift of money