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Simple resume registration


How to write a resume


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1 work experience summary

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We easily explain after starting employment what duties you were engaged in concretely to date in what department, section. Let's explain in a mass well so that the adoption person in charge easily images past duties experience.

2 company profiles

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Let's list name of enterprise registered at, being on the register roll period until now. It is that person with duties experience with several easily explains career with summary of the work experience mentioned above in addition.

3 work experience details

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Let's make format to be able to sell oneself to the maximum!

As for two representative forms, as for one which there is, the other is suitable for short person of carrier and person that there are many changes of job by conventional job experience and project engaged in.

We fill both out lightly in one way of leaving the office career containing, and part which we gave career and the results with confidence to lets you be outstanding, and we put concrete number, and let's introduce.

A carrier form

Method to summarize job experience in by business outline and project unit

B chronological order form

Method that we summarize the occasional business outline in along chronological order.

Experience, field, skill that 4 is good at

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Let's express appeal point obtained from your experience by items. As you do not mind in trifle, please list positively.

5 acquisition qualifications

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Let's list qualification that can appeal to the positive adoption person in charge other than thing and it in conjunction with duties. It is important what qualification you acquire, but should list even thing that I think that we have nothing to do with without exception as it can emphasize high motivation to have worked hard at qualification using private time.

In addition, let's add to table as "○○ qualification plan" in order to appeal about that place if there is thing working hard toward the acquisition now.

6 self PR

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Finally, it is self-PR. Let's write more concretely how we can keep charge duties experience of conventional you alive at this position after having read work contents of the type of job to apply for and experience, skill to find well. Is good by content that is good even if give to company of anywhere too much; is not appealed.

Let's make carefully to emphasize oneself to the adoption person in charge including to place why wants to act at the position of the company.