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Nippon work counselor's office

Have you not been in trouble while you lived in Japan?

We can talk even about what kind of things such as troubles by life of Japan with Nippon work counselor's office as well as "question about job hunting" and "exercise of interview". While even tea and coffee drink, please talk to charge adviser for embarrassing thing and trouble casually. Uneasy one can come with friend alone.

※As person weak in Japanese can cope in English, Chinese, we are reliable.

Flow of the use


It needs reservations in advance. Apply from application over telephone or homepage. When you propose from homepage, please fill in the date and time and consultation contents of interview consultation from the following "application form". At the time of application, we ask about the real name, age, contact information, the consultation hope date and time.


After the application reception desk, counselor will inform on the telephone some other time. We guide about place of meeting and cafe of the date and time.


On the day adviser waits for you in cafe. If it is not by job hunting and has been in trouble about life in Japan, please consult about anything.

※Of course consultation is free.

Business hours from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:00
※Advance reservations system (apply within seven days before the date and time desired)

Application method


When you propose on the telephone, tell with "matter of trouble consultation cafe".

Phone number 03-5207-2963 | 0120-18-4121

From inquiry form

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