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Company thinking of adoption of regular staff, contracted employee

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We perform result reward type "regular staff introduction service" that is specialized in foreigners such as "foreign student, working holiday internship, permanent resident" who is looking for work in "Nippon work com". Customer correspondence from foreign countries is possible, too! We introduce human resources who are most suitable for all of companies to want to accept the foreign staff by all means quickly.
As we dispatch, and there are the to date more than 500 adoption results human resources introduction for foreigners in hotel, inns than 2009 of the whole country, leave it to me in peace!

About the employment of foreigner

We publish in job offer site "Nippon work com" where is specialized in foreigner free

Advertisement for help rate 0

It does not cost all rates until we adopt.
Check of Japanese ability can keep strong even if we perform interview how many people as it is free.

Characteristic & merit of human resources introduction service specialized in foreigner

There is no 1 in publication rate until it is adopted!

Until adoption (employment), it is introduction service that rate does not depend on at all. When it does not lead to adoption, it does not cost rate (it does not cost rate even if we have you have an interview how many people). Of publication expense hang, and there is no sute teno risk.

There is no 2 in troublesome work entirely!

As all of us perform appearance article, application reception desk, setting of interview from making of troublesome job offer, we can omit troublesome trouble and time!

There are no number of 3 publications restrictions!

There is no limit during the number of publications, period. Publication is possible as needed every store. Publication is possible in long term until the staff fills up during publication period.

There is no 4 in publication rate until it is adopted!

Offer is possible regardless of type of industry, the type of job and type of employment!
Type of industry, the type of job including eating and drinking, sale, office system does not matter. Offer is possible in contracted employee, regular staffs.


Full-time, contracted employee Person from \ 300,000/1 adoption (industry low)

At the present when is short of human resources, is adoption not troubling?
It is recommended to facilities having trouble as follows.

  • We cannot adopt even if we open job offer in general advertisement for help or job placement office
  • For correspondence of customer from foreign countries, it wants to recruit the staff who can speak foreign language
  • We cannot readily find the necessary staff only in Japanese
  • Job offer advertising expenditure is high and wants to pay expense for effect (adoption) every month
  • We want to employ excellent human resources regardless of nationality
  • We adopted advertisement for help expense gamottainodeshoganaku, but have left immediately
  • We want to reduce trouble of job offer, recruiting activity

The correspondence type of job

  • Restaurant hall
  • Kitchen
  • Supermarket
  • Hotel
  • Karaoke shop
  • Bar
  • Household appliances sale
  • Cafe
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Drugstore
  • English teacher
  • Factory
  • Office work
  • Business

Flows from application to adoption

1 application

Our sales representative makes arrangements with your company beforehand and decides the type of job, period, condition, the number of people.

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2 Subscription for start

It recruits jobseekers from our cooperation partners such as our job offer site "Nippon work com" or studying abroad agent and accepts application in us.

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3 Paper screening in plan of applicants

We have an interview in us, and or which has an interview as we show around profiles such as impression or career about applicant, please do judgment that does not have an interview.

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4 interviews

It becomes interview of your company person in charge and application staff. (Skype or direct interview) will have notification of result of interview afterwards.

※In the case of Skype interview, our business is present. In addition, we loan when there is not PC.

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5 employment start

The staff who had you adopt demands fees for introducing patients after the employment. It becomes the youngest payment in tightening, the next month at the end of month when adoption was decided.

※In the case of Skype interview, our business is present. In addition, we loan when there is not PC.