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About the employment of foreigner

Basic knowledge of the employment of foreigner

When foreigner enters Japan, residence status (visa) is necessary, and period or activity contents which can stay in Japan are in this way decided. Thing that working in the country is accepted among residence statuses which there are 27 kinds becomes "working visa".

When we hire toward the foreigner, it is necessary to confirm whether working is accepted by "residence cards" of foreigner.

Visa which is available for working

  • Professor
  • Art
  • Religion
  • The news
  • Investment, management
  • Law, accountancy
  • Household appliances sale
  • Medical care
  • Study
  • Education
  • Technique, humanities knowledge, international business
  • Transfer in company
  • Performance
  • Skill
  • Skill training

Company applies to country to find a job in human resources and Japan which came from foreign countries to do a particular work and is visa which receives permission, and is issued.

Visa which needs to receive "activity permission out of the qualification" at Immigration Bureau to labor

  • Studying abroad
  • Family stay

If it is necessary that person having visa of "family stay" receives qualification outside activity permission "studying abroad" at Immigration Bureau of the jurisdiction, and there is qualification outside activity permission, it is admitted that, as a general rule, we do labor for less than 28 hours for one week. Educational institution of studying abroad such as Japanese school, technical school can set to work to eight-hour day about the inside university during period for long vacations such as summer vacation.

As it is prohibited about visa of "working holiday" "studying abroad" "family stay" that we work part-time in the manners and customs-related industry (bar, club, pachinko), attention is necessary.

Residence status that working activity does not have limit

  • Permanent resident
  • Japanese spouses
  • Spouses of permanent resident
  • Permanent resident

It can act on working hours and the field of labor without limit like Japanese.


  • Specific activity

Various activities are included in specific activity visa in one residence status. Therefore activity contents in requirements and Japan of the permission are greatly different in person having the same identification activity visa by person.

Representative thing of "specific activity" includes "working holiday" "internship" "maids" (housework servant).

  • 1 working holiday
  • Working condition of person having visa of "working holiday" becomes handling (business of offering food and entertainment relations are excluded) same as Japanese common labor.

    ※The Working Holiday is system to give opportunity of vacation and opportunity of temporary working to make up for the fund in Japan for 12 months for foreigners (the nation of agreement conclusion country) from 18 years old to 30 years old.

  • 2 internship
  • With internship, it is performed as part of curriculum of university, and foreign university student becomes system that we begin work and experience of a fixed period of time in Japanese companies. In addition, we may not pay reward when accompanied by reward, but when there is reward, it is "specific activity visa", and it is in "cultural activities visa" or "short-stay visa" when it is nonpaying.

  • 3 maids (housework servant)
  • Person possessing "investment, management" of residence status can employ housework servant. Therefore maid whom we employed locally is used with family well by Japan when the presidents of foreign head office start for their new post in Japan when she invites.

    Requirements of visa application of housework servant

    • Maid being older than 18 years old
    • You receive rewards more than monthly basis 200,000 yen, and engage in housework of foreigner whom you employed
    • There be spouse who cannot engage in everyday housework by there being child younger than 13 years or disease

Precaution at the time of the employment

It is necessary to confirm before adoption beforehand whether at first you enter the country lawfully and reside when you adopt toward the foreign family register, or you acquire visa suitable for work to engage in again.

Confirmation of entry requirements

  • Does time limit of passport not expire?
  • Do you receive entry visa (visa)?

Confirmation of working qualification

  • Which type of residence status is accepted?
  • In the case of residence status that working is not accepted, do you get activity permission out of the qualification?

Confirmation of residence period

  • Is it not over residence period set in every residence status?

Confirmation of the present address

  • Is alien registration card issued?
  • Is address of registration document registered now as address living in?

Merit of employment of foreigners

We think that there is still much adoption person in charge that has not employed foreigner, and hesitates about adoption by the reason of difference in Japanese ability, culture, company, but there are various merits in employing foreigner so far.

As for the utilization of foreign student part-time job, it is very big weapon even if we think about future company survival in decreasing Japan of the working population.

Cancellation that is short of 1 human resources

Human resources such as restaurant, manufacturing industry have been already short chronically while work force depopulation is predicted with low birthrate and aging, and security of work force that is new by accepting foreign worker is possible.

Native language correspondence (inbound measures) to 2 foreign tourists

It is expected that foreign tourist visiting Japan surpasses 30 million people (more than double of 2014) in 2020.

By mother country of foreign tourist, customs greatly change correspondence at the time of change waiting on customers, too. We can do waiting on customers that is smoother than the Japanese staff by the foreign staff coping in native language and can increase tourists using the product purchase and service.

Such a tourist widens word of mouth by contribution in SNS such as Facebook and can expect for number of the visitors increase of new tourist. In addition, the Japanese staff can come to be able to do waiting on customers correspondence to foreign tourist as we can learn waiting on customers of the country through the foreign staff directly.

Activation by interchange with 3 cultures in the company

In foreign worker, there are many human resources whom work will such as wanting to take in Japanese technique is high in in mother country for allowance. We can expect possibility that vigor appears in motivation up and the workplace where one employee is alone by ideas in global viewpoint only by foreigner whom there is not for posture and Japanese to doing different from Japanese by employing human resources of cultures work.

Bridge with 3 foreign countries

It becomes easy to obtain opportunity of business with advance to overseas and foreign company and can increase new business opportunity by making foreign worker charge window of overseas market. When we have already stepped forward abroad, we can expect that smoother communication is enabled, and local trust rises.

We can become "go-between" who can push forward business with the other country smoothly because we understand mother country and Japan, two culture.