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Friend introduction campaign

Let's open together! Ring of Nippon work!

Let's spread Nippon work com in all! Please introduce "Goodman service" to many friends.
We present 5,000 yen to friend introduced by with you who introduced after friend registering, and having worked in our "dispatch" and "introduction"!

Introduction method, flow


Image photographYou

We introduce "Goodman service" to friend and acquaintance!

Please introduce charm of Goodman service to friend and acquaintance

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Image photographFriend

We enroll in Goodman service

Or we send resume by mail, and it, please be said by staff registration WEB registration. Tell person in charge, "it is introduction from ○○".

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Image photographFriend

Start that works

We show around work you like. Work starts afterwards.

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Image photographYou

Friend does staff registration, and one is accompanied after the duty in our "group purpose" "introduction" and presents "5,000 yen"

Image photographFriend

After doing staff registration, and working in our "group purpose" "introduction"
We present "5,000 yen"

Let's introduce friend promptly!

Campaign instructions