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Part-time job

[guest room cleaning / Hatagaya (English / Tagalog / Chinese / Korean) of monthly hotel]

  • Inexperienced ok
  • Transportation expenses supply
  • Weekends holiday
  • More than hourly wage 1,000 yen

We are playing a woman role! OK, also known as person!
<< ★ from 10:00 to 15:00 off on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays >>
A lot of one to use on business trips from foreign countries
Rather than hotel guest room cleaning, it is image such as cleaning of high-quality apartment.

Job offer number: 000748

Type of employment Part-time job
The type of job Cleaning, light work

Hourly wage 1,050 yen ... 
One month 1,000 yen ... during the training

◎Transportation expenses supply (there is rule)

Work contents

●It is entered a room by hotel guest room which customer left
●We collect sheet towels, and Bet makes up
●We wash bathroom (washstand bathtub restrooms) and set *jo ge, towel equipment.
●We vacuum and we confirm for the last time and are finished!
^^ where senior who is inexperienced, and is gentle receives training well

Work location

Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Keio New Line "Hatagaya Station" 5-minute walk


From 10:00 to 15:00 (actual work four hours)
Only on weekdays!


Weekends holiday
Holiday, the year-end and New Year holidays


Inexperienced person warm welcome! We show carefully.
・Japanese is OK at communication degree
・Woman plays an active part

<< we can make use of warm welcome, skill including << hotel cleaning experienced person!>> >>

Service, welfare program

・Transportation expenses supply (there is rule)
・There is the careful training

Support of the working visa acquisition, update Available
Japanese level Beginner level (katakoto)
Japanese level (in detail)

Person who gets communication in Japanese as the staff speaking Japanese is main

Selection process

WEB resume sending ⇒ interview ⇒ adoption

Offer background

Because we want to employ person who can do the best!
^^ which is reliable as there is the careful training

Contact information GOODMAN CO.,LTD. service 

Charge: Otani (otani) telephone: 03-5207-2963✈QQ: 2782106406 [email] otani ★goodman-s .com (please change ★ to @!) [WeChat] RSK_09


On the telephone

※You can use from carrying, PHS

We apply in WEB

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