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Temporary employee

[it is Hokkaido dormitory and is major foreign-affiliated hotel work of waiting on customers]

  • Inexperienced ok
  • Working visa support
  • Transportation expenses supply
  • includes meal
  • More than hourly wage 1,000 yen

◆Job offer at foreign-affiliated hotel
◆Is it totally studying abroad? ? ? ? 70% of working employee is hotel of foreigner
◆Environment to be able to make use of own language study in
◆Equipped with beautiful private room dormitory
◆It is job offer of high hourly wage in way

Job offer number: 000998

Type of employment Temporary employee
The type of job Sale, service

Hourly wage 1,000

Work contents

◆Work at buffet restaurant is main.
 If there are supplement of dishes, other order, please carry.

Work location

West 6 line 147-1 in Machishin, Shintoku, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido


It is approximately 90 minutes by train to JR Sapporo Station
It is approximately 50 minutes to Obihiro Airport


From 7:00 to 23:00


In week more than day


Anyone welcomes person who can work with smile brightly warmly
One warm welcome that we want to make use of English, Chinese, Korean in

Service, welfare program

◆Dormitory charge for free
◆Water supply energy bill for free
◆There is meal (one meal of 300 yen)
◆Round-trip transportation expenses rule supply
◆There are wireless LAN facilities
◆Equipped with insurance

Support of the working visa acquisition, update Available
Japanese level Intermediate level (daily life conversation)
Japanese level (in detail)

Even if Japanese is uneasy, there is a lot of foreign staff helping.

Language to be able to make use of

English, Chinese, Korean, French

Selection process

If is interested even slightly; communication! !! !!
Charge: Senda senda @ goodman-s .com

Offer background

Offers mass toward busy season!


On the telephone

※You can use from carrying, PHS

We apply in WEB

Look for from popular condition