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What is resort baito

Merit of resort byte

It is lifestyle to be able to learn Japanese culture while working part-time in resort of Japan. We can save basically as the food expenses and rent are free.

You can make Japanese friends!!!

Japanese working as resort parttimer gather from the whole country. We can make friends with Japanese who lives in various districts by living in the same dormitory, and working together. After having saved money at resort byte, there are many foreigners going out to hometown of friend who made friends to play.

Dormitory and meal are included!

May there be much foreigner worried about contract and the food expenses of house? We are suitable to save as dormitory charge, job offers of food expenses for free are often found at resort byte. We are particularly popular with people holding the Working Holiday.

We can see the sights of Japan!

rizoba most in tourist facility is worked part-time. We enjoy sightseeing in the district on holiday of person working as resort parttimer. Let's make group where we met in rizoba and a lot of memories!

You can learn Japanese!

We can learn Japanese which it gave life to more. Of course it learns conversation every day to use words by work by sharing house with Japanese. Japanese becomes fluent, and there is person who returned to mother country a lot in of working holiday that we made rizoba.

Privilege to be able to use resort facility for?

If it is hot spring resort, hot spring can enter free, and lift ticket may come if it is skiing area. Besides, thus, we break recreation facilities, and there is discount if we work.

Work location

It is work to work in hotel, inn, pension, theme park, restaurant, skiing area of resorts of hot spring, the sea, mountain, plateau, skiing area of all over Japan.

There is work in Hokkaido, Niseko, Tomamu, Furano, Tohoku, karuizawa, white horse, Shiga-kogen, Kusatsu, Hakone, Izu, around Mount Fuji, Hida Takayama, Kyoto, Arima, Kyushu, Yufuin, Kurokawa, Okinawa, various areas including Ishigakijima. (offer place varies according to time.)



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Resort byte. com, and please apply over WEB and telephone.

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We have an interview over Skype and telephone.

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Along your hope, we search fittable job.

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5 Start working

If work is decided, we work as guide of the details such as ways from charge. After starting job then still you have question, please fell free to contact us. It becomes kind and copes.