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How to write resume


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How to write basic information

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1 date

Basically, write when you the date that you wrote resume or interview date

2 photographs

Your face photo, it should be taken by photographer or yourself.

※Let's use thing which we took within three months.

3 Name

If ''ふりがな’’ is described on your resume, write ふりがな.If it is ''カタカナ’’, write カタカナ.

4 Date of Birth

Example 1:平成27年8月22日 2:1988年6月22日

5  Address

Example: 〒111-111 東京都新宿区新宿1-1-1 GoodMan アパート101

6 Phone numbers, E-mail address.

Write your main phone number and E-mail address. .

7 Emergency contact information

Write your phone number and E-mail address for just in case. .

8 Emergency phone number and E-mail address.

Write your phone number and E-mail address for just in case. If you don’t have it, No need to write.

How to write educational background, work experience

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9 Academic background

Write “学歴” in first line. Write your Academic background from junior or high school until last graduated academy, , faculty and subjects.

10 Career

Write “職歴” in first line. Write all careers and when you joined, quite job and company name exactly. Don't forget to write “以上” bottom-right in line.

How to write license, qualification

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11 Type of VISA

Write your type of VISA and date of acquisition. Example: 平成27年 1月  JLPT N1 取得. .

How to write desired motive

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12 Qualification, license which you have

Write your type of VISA

13 Number of person of dependent

Write your number of dependent. If you did not have, write 0 .

※Family allowance and treatment might be changed, so please write it honestly.

14 spouses

If you got married, Check “有”

15  Supporting duty

If you have supporting duty, Check “有”

16      Special ability, hobbies, best subject and self introduction etc…

Basically, write self introduction concretely, like what your character and specialability will be useful for the job position that applied. To make impression of the interviewer.

17 Reason for your application.

Write application reason which based on your experience concretely. When you start working, what your ability will be useful for the position.Interviewer will be impressed by your reason.

18    Your hope entry column

Basically, write “貴社の規定に従います”